Program Structure

2020-2021 Montessori Calendar


Held at 46 Grey Street Monday/Wednesday/Friday 10:00-12:00pm

Parents/Guardians will accompany their children into the building through the front entrance and pick their children up at the end of the session.  Cars should not block the driveway or impede the turn-around traffic.



Held at 46 Grey Street Monday through Friday 9:00-11:30am

Enter the driveway at 46 Grey Street where a teacher or assistant will escort your child from the car into the building. Dismissal will follow the same procedure.


Held at 46 Grey Street Monday through Thursday 9:00-3:00pm, Fridays 9:00-11:30am

Enter the driveway at 46 Grey Street where a teacher or assistant will escort your child from the car into the building. Dismissal will follow the same procedure.



Physical Examination:  A current physical examination is required of all students.  This requirement will be considered satisfied if the physical examination is dated from January 1st of the current school year.  All immunizations must be up to date, and a record of immunization is required prior to beginning school. NO medications will be administered during school.

Absences:  During their first few years of exposure to other students, children pick up colds and illnesses easily. Your child should be free of symptoms for 24 hours before returning to school. Please call the school and leave a message if your child will not be attending that day.  A note from your physician is required before returning from a contagious illness.



Parents will be responsible for providing snack once a month.  Each month a calendar will be sent home with your assigned snack day.  If this day is not convenient, please use the class list to make arrangements with another parent or bring it in a day ahead.  We encourage healthy, peanut free snacks and we will provide a list of snack suggestions to assist you. The children will often be involved in cooking or food preparation, so if your child has any allergies or sensitivities, please make us aware of this before school begins.


Typically, birthdays will be acknowledged on the snack calendar and we request that you avoid excessively sweet treats.  Please choose a healthy, PEANUT FREE snack that all the children in the class can enjoy during snack time. Holiday celebrations are planned throughout the year, and any parent who is interested in sending in a special treat can do so when notification of the party is sent home through our newsletters.



Our calendar generally follows the East Aurora School district for the holidays.  Likewise, if the East Aurora School District is closed due to weather, we are automatically closed since we are located within that district.  In that case, we may not be separately announced on the radio stations.  However, due to the young age of our children and the  fact that our children come from many surrounding districts and our teachers from various locations, we may close due to weather that we feel is threatening to staff or children, even if the East Aurora District does not close.  Therefore, please tune in to WBEN 930 AM, WIVB TV, WGRZ TV, or WKBW TV for school closing information.  You may also check internet sites for the TV stations.



A change of clothes including underwear, socks, pants, and a shirt is necessary in case of “accidents” or spills. Clothing should be brought to the school in a clear Ziplock bag labeled with your child’s name.  A pair of clean, rubber soled shoes should be left at school to change into when your child arrives. This helps us minimize the amount of dirt or snow brought in and keeps our classroom clean. Please label all clothing: sweaters, jackets, rain coats, winter coats, hats, scarves, both mittens, and both boots.  This can be done easily with a laundry marking pen, available at most grocery, fabric and discount stores. Simple clothing is best and easiest for the children, as they work on the floor a great deal and go outdoors when weather permits. Please send in a full size backpack with your child each day to bring home papers and transport snowpants and outerwear when necessary. Please do not let your child bring toys or other valuable objects to school.  Toys are not allowed in the classroom and could get damaged or lost if brought to school.  A special record, book, or nature collection may be shared with other children after checking with the teachers BEFORE it is brought to school.